• ABOUT G3000

    G3000 represents the highest quality.

    In the Chinese market, the quality of mobile phone repair parts is uneven, there have Original Pulled, Refurbished, OEM, Original Material OEM, 1:1 Copy, The Best Copy, High Copy, Normal Copy, S+++, S+, AAA Grade, AA Grade, A Grade etc.. which always makes customers feel troubled and change suppliers a lot, but they still can't find one stable and match their demand brand. but G3000 can help.


    What quality G3000 represents?

    G3000 is premium picked, it only brands on the highest quality products, so you may ask, which means highest quality?

    Take iPhone LCD for examples.


    G3000 will be: The best quality exist in Chinese after-sales market, original refurbished LCD, there have 6-7 kinds, but G3000 is the top one.

    in the same time, we considerate that need to balance on price and quality, so we selected another one, represents the super high level of Chinese OEM LCD, means the best copy lcd. There for, both are top selected, One is for the top of original quality, one represent for the top quality of Made in China.

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    G3000 represents the highest quality.

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